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GPMS offers a full range of services to the condominium community from Financial Management to Emergency.

Our Services

Financial Management

A vital component in the operation of a condominium corporation is timely and accurate financial reporting and records, accurate and effective budgeting and forecasting.

GPMS produces monthly financial statements for each client using the SHIFT-SUITE CONSOLE Condo & Property Management software system designed and maintained specifically for condominium accounting, and the accrual method of accounting. Financial statements are provided monthly to the individual boards in time for their review prior to the regular Board meetings.

All condominium funds are held individually, “In Trust”, at a registered financial institution as defined in the Bank Act. Investment of funds is made only in accordance with the provisions of the Condominium Act of Ontario and at the direction of the Board.

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Physical Management

Physical inspections of the exterior common areas of the property are performed frequently and a manager’s report is prepared prior to each regularly scheduled Board meeting.

Research and preparation of all necessary tender documents relating to major projects within the Corporation. We will advise if the services of a professional engineer or other professions are recommended for the protection of the Corporation’s interests.

Tenders for grounds maintenance and snow removal will be prepared in conjunction with the requirements of the Board and any specific requirements of the individual Declaration.

Regular inspections of each condominium and reporting to the Board with respect to maintenance and repair requirements.

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Administrative Benefits

Advise the Board of any necessary changes to existing rules and by-laws, based on the practicality of same. Management will, where necessary, undertake to prepare and register newly ratified by-laws and rule changes including the required notice to all interested parties.

Enforcement for each Corporation in accordance with each Corporation’s Declaration, By-laws and Rules.

Procurement of complete insurance coverage at the most competitive price, taking into account the requirements of the Corporation and Declaration.

Many other services are available to suit your requirements.

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Parking Control

GPMS offers what we consider to be a relatively unique and very effective approach to this age-old problem for condominium boards and owners. Our telephone system allows clients to call and register for “visitor” parking through our live after hours answering service.

In recognition of the fact that no two condominiums have the same management requirements, this registration service can be incorporated to suit each client’s individual needs.

(Note: Not all condominiums use this service. Owners should make themselves aware of and follow the specific parking enforcement registration rules of their complex.)

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Emergency and After Hours Service

Condominium Management cannot, by definition, be classified as a nine to five occupation. In fact it can be said that the law of averages would dictate that emergencies in condominiums are more likely to occur during off duty hours than during regular office hours.

GPMS offers twenty-four hour emergency service to all of our clients. All of our managers carry a cellular telephone during on call duties. Outside business hours, all calls are forwarded to our answering service simply by calling our regular telephone number, or our toll free number for out of town clients. This offers the most timely and efficient response to emergency situations.

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Payment Options

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Please complete the Application for Preauthorized Payment Form here in printable pdf format along with either a cheque marked “Void” or a Bank Debit Form.

Paying Online

If you currently make payments online, simply locate TenantPay (all one word) in the list of Payees (on your own bank’s web site) and add it as a payment option

Telephone Banking

If you are already registered for telephone banking at your financial institution, simply inform them that you want to make payments through TenantPay and make your payment.

At the Teller

If you are at your banking institution you can ask the teller to add TenantPay to your Payee list and then you can make your payment either by cash or from your bank account at no cost to you.


The permanent TenantPay number is specifically formatted so that if you put the wrong number in by mistake, then the financial institution will reject the payment until the correct number is given to them.

Current Payment Arrangements

If you wish to adopt TenantPay as a way to pay your fees, you must contact our office to make arrangements to discontinue your current payment method so that we do not duplicate withdrawals from your bank account.

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GPMS offers 24 hours after hours live operator answering service 365 days a year to all our customers

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