Payment Options for Condominium Fees

Payment Instructions for Tenant Pay

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Please complete the Application for Preauthorized Payment Form here in printable pdf  format along with either a cheque marked “Void” or a Bank Debit Form.

Paying Online

If you currently make payments online, simply locate TenantPay (all one word) in the list of Payees (on your own bank’s web site) and add it as a payment option. Enter your 14 digit TenantPay account number once, as it is a permanent identifier for your unit account (include RNT before the number).  Then enter the amount you are paying either as a one-time payment or you can set it up as a recurring monthly payment up to a year in advance if the amount owed is remaining the same.  If you do not know what the TenantPay account number is for your condominium unit, please contact Guardian Property Management Services Ltd. at 905-427-8535.

Paying by Telephone Banking

If you are already registered for telephone banking at your financial institution, simply inform them that you want to make payments through TenantPay and then put in your permanent 14 digit TenantPay number and make your payment.  If you want to start using Telephone Banking, just ask at your branch.

At the Teller

If you are at your banking institution you can ask the teller to add TenantPay to your Payee list and then you can make your payment either by cash or from your bank account at no cost to you.  You can also go to any branch of the thousands of financial institutions across Canada, give the teller your TenantPay number and the corresponding cash if you do not have an account.  There may be a small fee for those without an account at that institution.


The permanent TenantPay number is specifically formatted so that if you put the wrong number in by mistake, then the financial institution will reject the payment until the correct number is given to them.  Should you experience any payment problems or require a refund for over payment, your request must be made directly to Guardian Property Management Services Ltd. at 905-427-8535

Current Payment Arrangements

If you are currently paying your Common Element Fees by Pre-Authorized Payment or if we have Post-dated Cheques on file for your account and you now wish to adopt TenantPay as a way to pay your fees, you must contact our office to make arrangements to discontinue your current payment method so that we do not duplicate withdrawals from your bank account.